Lemon Aspen Acronychia acidula

Lemon aspen is a cherry sized berry with a hard core like an apple with small black seeds.Lemon Aspen naturally occurs in tropical rainforests of North Eastern Queensland. It has a strong lemon flavour with a hint of grapefruit.

Used in sorbets, cordials, confectionery and salad dressing for example.

Here at Sunset Ridge it starts to fruit in April, producing 800 plus kilos annully.



Energy 120kj
H2O -
Protein 2.0g
Fat 0.9g
Carbohydrates 1.9g
Total Sugar 1.9g
Fibre -
Ca 133.35mg
Cu 0.834mg
Fe 13.25mg
Mg 147.6mg
P 129.0mg
K 1512.9mg
Na 45.05mg
Zn 3.925mg
Mn 10.025mg
Mo 12.9ug
K:Na -
Folate -
Vit E -